eCommerce Risks Your Customers are Worried About


eCommerce Risks Your Customers are Worried About

Though eCommerce is booming, there are some risks around eCommerce that online shoppers are worried about. Let’s find out more about it here.

Business means risk, be it physical, brick-and-mortar, or online eCommerce. With the latest boom in the eCommerce business, more physical brands are eager to take the plunge into the digital space and open their online store. A report says that 218.8 million consumers are likely to shop online in 2023. Also, in 2023, eCommerce sales will likely contribute to 208% of retail sales globally. Given these kinds of whopping numbers, and accelerated digitization, it has become imperative for businesses of any size to have their online store.
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This massive demand in the eCommerce landscape shows you the market potential to build a thriving business online. However, despite the boom in the eCommerce landscape, some factors worry online consumers, which you need to be aware of and mitigate.

What do Online Customers Worry About?

Online shopping revolutionized how people shop and sell, especially during the recent global disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, everything is not simple, and online shopping also has hurdles. It would be best if you addressed these challenges to make your customers happy and earn customer loyalty.
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Here are some of the factors that online customers are worried about:

  • Online Shopping Experience. Most eCommerce merchants understand the significance of providing an amazing shopping experience to their customers. Even with the digital and eCommerce boom, customers are still weary of a bad shopping experience. A good shopping experience includes multiple factors, such as easy online store navigation and intuitive search functionality. 86% of online shoppers are willing to pay more for your products if you provide a superior shopping experience. A key part of this shopping experience includes a mobile-friendly site.
  • Personalization. One of the key factors behind a delightful customer experience is personalization. Missing the live shopping experience, online shoppers expect an amazing, personalized shopping experience that is not disjointed. Impersonal shopping experience and a bad user experience might kill their mood for an impulse buy, robbing you of chances of them returning to your online store. After all, recurring customers will likely spend three times more money on your store than new customers.
  • Security and Privacy. The recent high-profile data breaches made a section of customers weary of online shopping, thus making privacy and security especially significant for them. Though regulations like GDPR and CCPA help protect personal data, ensuring more secure data management, you can still take extra measures to give your customers the confidence to shop from your eCommerce store. For example, ensure that you store stores only the most required, minimum customer data. A recent Deloitte study reveals that almost 79% of consumers are fine with sharing their data if you communicate the reasons or benefits.
  • Customer Support. Customer support is a broad term that covers many things, such as helping your customers find your products, answer their queries, solve their problems, and the all-important post-purchase experience. While data says that as high as 47% of consumers switched brands due to bad customer service, 52% made additional purchases after receiving exceptional customer service. So, the quality of your customer support can potentially make or break your brand.
  • Return Process. Return policies and procedure is crucial for the success of your eCommerce brand. As high as 64% of online shoppers first review the return policy of a brand before making a purchase decision. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, return rates are much higher in online shopping for multiple reasons, of which receiving products not as per their expectation or receiving faulty products are quite high. Though returns cost you quite a chunk of the revenue, dissuading shoppers from returns mostly leads to dissatisfaction and frustration and takes the traffic away from your store.

Are you Refining Customer Experience?

Now that we have seen the reasons behind consumers getting worried about eCommerce brands or online shopping, needless to say, solving those problems will be the main key to delighting your customers. If you deal with all the worrisome factors upfront, your regular customers will not have any reason to lose their faith and will remember you the next time they are on a shopping spree. After all, we know that return customers bring you the major chunk of your business and revenue. Also, if your regular customers leave a positive review, that is ‘gold’ for gaining more customers.
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However, amidst everything, you should always ensure that you never compromise on security. So, it is imperative that, being an eCommerce brand, you strike a perfect balance between safety and an incredible shopping experience.

How can XPDEL Help?

We are a leading third-party logistics provider fulfilling orders with utmost care. We manage and optimize your inventory and help you keep your fulfillment and shipping costs low. Our goal is to provide outstanding service, so you have the peace of mind to focus on your business growth. We know there is a 65% chance that the customer will make a repeat purchase if the order fulfillment is accurate the first time.
We ensure we delight your customers with our exemplary service.


So, to sum it up, delighting your customers the right way while taking care of their worries is crucial if you want a thriving eCommerce business. Provide your customers amazing digital experience with security and privacy and see your revenues grow.
After all, happy customers are loyal and repeat customers.

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