Managed Labor Solutions: How to Get Rid of Labor Shortage Efficiently


Managed Labor Solutions: How to Get Rid of Labor Shortage Efficiently

People often use temp staffing to meet labor shortages which is more expensive and an inefficient way to manage labor shortages. Let’s talk how managed labor solutions can help companies hire skilled workforce at ¼th cost while maintaining and increasing performance.

If you manage operations of a warehouse, logistics, or transportations; you must be well-versed with the operations staff shortage including last-mile delivery drivers. These days, labor shortage has become a common phenomenon and a dearth of these skilled professionals is adding more to the inflation. Apart from that, the peak season – the biggest time of the year for eCommerce brands and 3PLs – also gets negatively impacted, leading to customer dissatisfaction. A big risk to ignore, isn’t it?

What adds more to these woes are the legal implications of temp staffing. More than the pros, there are cons of hiring a temp staff that includes training them from the scratch only to bid adieu to them at a later stage. In that case, the only thing that will come to your rescue is managed labor solutions. Managed labor solutions that enable warehouses, manufacturers, and production facilities to minimize these shortages and leverage maximum benefits.

Cons of Hiring Temp Staff

The benefits of temp hiring are aplenty, but have you thought of their perils? Let’s take a look at them to understand what disadvantages they have in store for us.

  • Legal Issues. The US has specific and clear guidelines for hiring temp employees. Just one mistake in following the rules and you can risk a heavy lawsuit. While they are not offered any benefits of a full-time employee, they can’t even be treated as one.
  • Safety Issues. A workplace that requires highly skilled staff that has a knack for the job can’t have a temp employee as a solution. This can lead to more on-the-job accidents and by the time you give them proper training, it might be time for them to go.
  • Training Requirements. The more temporary employees you hire, the newer people you will have to train. You can eliminate some of this difficulty by hiring the same temps as often as possible, but there will always be an investment of time and personnel to get your temporary employees up to speed.
  • Lack of Teamwork. Temporary employees often do not have time to integrate with your full-time employees, and regular employees may be resentful of interlopers, or hesitant to invest time in employees who won’t be around for long. So, there is no easy way to build camaraderie.

How Can XPDEL’s Managed Labor Solutions Help?

We deploy the right teams, to increase operational capacity and hit every KPI! Managed Labor Solutions eliminates the high hidden costs of temp staffing created by constant turnover that leads to lost productivity, lower quality standards, and decreased customer satisfaction scores. Our MLS also ensures:

  • No Labor Shortages. We quickly deploy an experienced team to match your demand.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction. Our team ensures accurate orders, faster deliveries, and smooth product returns; meaning happy customers.

Our Offerings

At XPDEL, our experts have designed the managed labor solutions in such a way that deploys high quality, trained workforce so that you don’t have to! XPDEL’s Managed Labor Solutions (MLS) is the fastest and most effective way to hire to ensure you have skilled labor when and where you need them.

  • KPI Reporting. MLS is a data-driven service that measures, tracks, analyses, and adjusts to ensure the right KPI are met and exceeded.
  • Trained and Skilled Staffing. The MLS teams are XPDEL employees and we take care of the recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising of our employees, according to your expectations. We save your time and money and increase your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Boots on the Ground. Dedicated on-site supervisors and managers partner with you to support and improve your operation.
  • Managed Employees. We manage MLS employee relations to include career progression, and all of the administrative functions so you can focus on the health of your business.
  • Motivated Teams. As XPDEL employees, MLS team members are motivated to meet and exceed your expectations and strive to grow alongside our client teams.


Now that you don’t just know the clear difference between temp staffing and managed labor solutions and all other myths around it, do take a look at our offerings here to hire quality and skilled staff whenever and wherever you need it without the legal implications of temp staff.

Choose the best-managed labor solutions for your business, choose XPDEL!

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