How to Ship a Mattress?


How to Ship a Mattress?

In this blog post, we will explore how you can ship a mattress efficiently and in perfect condition to your customers to make them happy and retain them to your brand.

If you are planning to shift to another country or have a spare mattress for when your family and friends visit, you might be looking at options to ship a mattress. Since mattresses are usually large and bulky, mattresses are more complicated to ship. However, you can ship a mattress to any of your preferred addresses if you know a few steps. Let’s look at a few pointers which will narrow down and provide you with practical guidance:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Feasibility
  • Quotes and information
  • Proper packaging
  • Pickup and delivery

Let’s look at these steps individually and ascertain how they will help you decide whether shipping a mattress is feasible.


Cost Effectiveness


The first step to shipping a mattress is to decide whether it is cost-effective for you to do so. You will need to research the cost of shipping a mattress. Of course, the shipping cost will depend on the length and weight of the mattress, so that is a good starting point. Decide how big a mattress you require. Then check to find the cost of shipping that mattress. Another consideration for shipping a mattress is to decide the distance you want to ship it for. Time plays a crucial role, so how urgently you need the mattress will also significantly affect the shipment cost. After all, we all know how expensive those priority shipments are. Apart from the shipment cost, you also must calculate the cost of packing materials required to package the mattress safely. You must identify an insurance provider and get a quote to insure your shipment.


After obtaining the final cost of shipping the mattress, the next step is to ask yourself if it is worthwhile to have a mattress shipped.




When calculating the various aspects of shipping a mattress, the final cost might not justify the shipment. If the shipment cost is more than the cost of the mattress, it might not be worth it. However, if the mattress cost is significantly higher than the shipment cost, you might reconsider the shipment. A few points to consider are to check and reconsider why you want the mattress shipped. The next consideration is the age of the mattress. A newer mattress might still justify the cost. However, if your mattress is several years old, you might reconsider and not ship it. Then comes the point of the original cost of the mattress and whether it is custom-made, which will justify the shipment cost. If not, you might consider purchasing a new mattress online and availing of their free shipping facility.


Quotes and Information


After you have calculated an approximate cost of shipping a mattress and contemplated its feasibility, the next step is to check different companies that ship mattresses and ask them for a quote to ship yours. Some companies might ask you to package the mattress first, but if you plan to use it till the last moment, that might not be a good idea. Ask different companies for their shipment costs. Based on that, you can decide if the cost fits your budget and if it is feasible.


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You can call the companies to get a quote or obtain them online. Ensure that you have the pickup and drop-off addresses handy and are aware of the dimension of your mattress. The date and time of the shipment is crucial too as it is usually more expensive to ship during holidays. The weight of the mattress, of course, will depend on the material, and if your material is listed in the company quote price, it might be easier for you. If you want to shift the bed frame along with the mattress, you will incur extra costs and will have to include that in your query for a quote. When you receive the quote, check its validity and its associated terms and conditions.


Proper Packaging


Once you have weighed the pros and cons of shipping your mattress and decided to ship it, the next step is the packaging. To package the mattress, you must remove the bed cover and other items on the bed. If you have decided to ship the bedframe too, you must dismantle and package it separately. If you have the original package of your mattress, great. That will make your packaging job easier. Some ways to package your mattress securely include bubble wrapping it or using a mattress protector. Once that is done, place the mattress in a cardboard box and seal the surrounding area inside the box with packing foam. This will save your mattress from damage during shipment. After ensuring the mattress is securely packed inside the cardboard box, seal it with tape on all sides and corners, and you are good to go.


Pickup and Delivery


You have identified your shipment company, and your mattress is packaged properly with or without the bedframe. The next step is to ship the mattress. The shipment will depend on the contract you have with the shipment company. You can drop off the package at a predetermined location. Alternatively, you can arrange for it to be picked up from an address of your choice. Of course, the latter option is more expensive. If you have arranged for the company to pick up the mattress from a predetermined address, ensure that someone is there to oversee the transportation process. The path from your house to the transport should also be cleared in advance. You must have a receipt confirming that the shipping company received your mattress and is on its way to deliver it to your chosen location.



Since shipping a mattress can be quite a tedious task, you might want to consider some alternatives. For example, you can rent a van depending on the other items you must transfer. This option is cost-effective and can transport more than a mattress. Instead of shipping one item like a mattress, you can also consider renting a shipping pod that can accommodate multiple boxes and is a more cost-effective solution to transporting multiple items. As stated previously, you might also want to consider buying a new mattress. It will give you a wider variety and might prove to be cheaper than shipping one. You can sell your old mattress or donate it.


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Whatever the decision is, ensure that you have done your share of research and are sure you are ready to ship a mattress. The more informed you are about the steps in shipping a mattress, the more confident you will be about your decision. Always take quotes from multiple companies before deciding on the best one. It should be cheap but also reliable.


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