Our technology prepares
you for Evolving Commerce

Fulfillment & logistics powered by our advanced technology

With live visibility make more informed decisions, accelerate growth,
meet demands and delight your customers.

Orders From
Multiple Channels

Our OMS is already
integrated with
all major platforms.


Insights into orders,
inventory, service
levels & other dimensions.

Advanced Inventory

Quality controls
throughout the
process, supporting
and other workflows.

Accurate Orders

Technology workflows
that eliminate errors

Smart Shipping

Use the right ship
method for delivering
as promised.

Live Dashboards

End-to-end visibility
into inventory,
orders & shipments.

Fulfilled and Delivered,
Fast and Accurate with
Advanced Technology
at every step

Our technology platforms power both D2C and B2B workflows



OMS at XPDEL is our system of records
that also provides a two-way conduit to your systems.
It helps get orders from all your channels and
provides live status feedback on orders, inventory, exceptions, and financial data.

Fast Fast onboarding with integration with
all major eCommerce platforms already in place. 

Smart XPDEL’s OMS has advanced logic to route orders
for fulfillment to the best location and deliver
using the best shipping method.



XPDEL’s WMS is a cloud-based platform that
is agile and scalable for fulfilling orders
accurately and delivering on time.

Inventory, Orders, Workflows Our WMS enables effective inventory management,
accurate order fulfillment and various workflows
including FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, Kitting, Containerization, Rentals, Returns.

Live Dashboards We provide live visibility into your inventory,
orders, and our performance.



XPDEL’s TMS is an automated
platform capable of route optimization
and ship method selection to
meet customer promise at the
lowest cost.

Intelligent Advanced algorithms help make
sure the best ship method is
selected at the lowest cost and on time

Live Live tracking and
communication with customers
so they are always informed and
can let us know how best we
can serve them.


Dashboards &
Business Insights

Dashboards for real-time visibility
into orders and inventory help you
see our performance. We provide
actionable insights through demand
forecasting, and deep analysis of the
status of inventory trends.

Business Insights We can study your data and allow
you to see the trends that help you grow.

Success What we measure can be
improved. We use actionable
metrics to continuously improve.
We share those metrics with you.

SEE Live dashboards for
real-time visibility
into orders and
inventory help you
see performance.

PREDICT Actionable insights
through demand
forecasting, and deep
analysis of the status
of inventory trends.

PACK Cold chained

Integrations and Partners

Everything you need to scale your business

  • Shopify

  • Myntra

  • Google Shopping

  • Amazon

  • Magento

  • WooCommerce

  • FlipKart

  • Wix

  • BigCommerce

  • eBay

  • UPS

  • DHL

  • FedEx

  • Ecom Express

  • Xpress Bees

  • NetSuite

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • SAP

  • Salesforce

  • SPS

  • TrueCommerce

  • Integral

  • DiCentral

  • Tally

  • Zoho

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